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Buying and selling can be fun, easy and profitable!

Who We Are

Embarking on any adventure in life is stuffed with excitement and absolutely, at instances, even a little anxiety. Organizing and managing your web store is not any different! Venture into online retail can be confusing and time consuming. At 50offsale we understand how to adapt. That's why we're here to assist you get your online shop off the ground and up and running in an excellent manner.

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As a sustainable, established online marketplace, serves over two million customers worldwide and has over ten million fans and followers on social media. For that reason, our store is the ideal site to get in touch with tens and possibly hundreds of thousands of potential buyers who are seeking that truly unique thing that could be handmade, vintage, or something else entirely.

We love the people in our hometown the most, so we're dedicated to seeking like-minded individuals throughout the world.

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